PAPO Coach in residence - summer 2023

28 October 2022

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This NZ Summer PAPO is offering a scholarship for a Coach in Residence. The scholarship is aimed at University-aged orienteers from outside of New Zealand who are looking to improve their Orienteering and Coaching skills (p.s. NZ is way better than Australia).

Peninsula and Plains Orienteering Club is one of the largest clubs in NZ with around 250 active members covering the wider Canterbury area. The majority of members are based in Christchurch, the main centre of the South Island. PAPO has a rich history of NZ and International representatives, World Champion Orienteers, Rogainers and Adventure Racers.

What is involved:

  • Approximately 10-15hrs/week helping with training (with flexibility)  
  • Weekly trainings targeted at all skill levels
  • Involvement with planning elite level training/weekend camps
  • Helping Juniors with high performance advice/giving talks 
  • Training sessions for Adults
  • Possibility to coach/travel to other South Island Clubs

What PAPO can provide:

  • Scholarship grant: $2000 NZD
  • Assistance with Accommodation
  • Assistance with nation-wide travel
  • A great club environment

Other details:

  • Drivers license is an advantage in NZ – public transport in NZ is very limited compared to Europe!
  • Ability to ride a bike
  • Working Visa for NZ could allow you to extend you stay (We understand the processing of NZ visa’s is very difficult currently so this is not a requirement)
  • Flights to NZ: At own cost

Note to northern hemisphere orienteers: NZ summer is from December to February. This would suit someone wanting to escape the northern winter months.

If you are interested in applying, please contact: with the subject line: PAPO Coach

For all other enquires, questions etc please also contact the email address above.