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The club was founded in 1977 with the first event being held in Hagley Park, a map (updated) that is still used today. Over the years club members have won many national titles and been selected to represent NZ in international competitions. Many members have a long association with the club, with some families now having their 3rd generation joining. See the following links for a fuller history. 

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Active Life Members: 
Alister Metherell
Dave Armstrong
Chrissie Williams
Stuart Payne
Trish Faulkner

Non-Active Life Members:
Roger Bee
Rick Bolch
Alex Cook


Recent past President report:
2020 report
by Tane Cambridge 

Previous PAPO presidents since 1997: 

2020 - now  Jenni Adams
2017 - 2020
Tane Cambridge
2014 - 2016   Richard Smith
2012-2013 Bryan Jenkins (Trish Faulkner acting President in the later part of 2013)
2011 Alister Metherell
2009-2010 Richard Hensby
2005-2008 Alister Metherell
2003-2004  Trish Faulkner
2001-2002 Robert Whitla
1998-2000 John Davies
1997 Jan Davies

PAPO Strategic plan 2019-2023

The PAPO strategic plan has been reviewed and updated by Tane Cambridge. Any feedback welcome, please send any comments to .