Craigmore Sinkhole String Sprint Results

13 November 2011

Results from the highly competitive sinkhole sprint string course, won by Alistair Richardson with a time of 1:19.

Craigmore Sinkhole String Sprint
1Richardson, Alistair1:19
2Cambridge, Tane1:20
2Campbell, Joshua1:20
4Cambridge, Ryan1:27
5Richardson, William1:32
6Cory-Wright, Ed1:36
6Cory-Wright, Al1:36
8Smith, Nick1:39
9Meder, Bruce1:47
10Metherell, Cameron1:49
11Whitla, Georgia1:52
12Metherell, Alister1:53
13Harding, Stephen1:54
14Harrison, Sophie1:57
15Egan, Oliver1:58
15Clarke, Isabel1:58
17Egan, Isaac2:02
18Shepherd, Dougal2:13
19Anderson, Matthew2:16
20Cory-Wright, Jean2:19
20Fettes, Julia2:19
22Read, Graeme2:20
23English, Richard2:24
24Harrison, Jan2:32
25Clarke, Angus2:49
26Wilson, M & A & M5:38